American roulette online giving player many chances to win.

Welcome to American roulette online

Online casinos in 2019 offer to users a real abundance of content to attract good luck and earn good bonuses. Here, each participant will find the version of virtual games that he likes best. Online platforms have different specific features, but they all offer to gamers free and real money content. American roulette appeared in the world a long time ago, in the early 19th century.

Oddly enough, but in America this exciting game brought by the French people. The main difference of this variety is the presence on the field of double zero, instead of one. This type of game is widely used in North America, including in a virtual casino.

How to play American roulette online

American roulette online has its own characteristics in the game. Let’s start with the fact that the presence of double zero on the field reduces the chances of the user before the game club to win. Its table is divided into two parts, in the first zone people make bets, and the second sector is designed for the dealer and the drum. Numbers in the American drum – 38, plus two numbers 0. Unlike European one, here the numbers are located on the inside of the drum wheel.

To start the game, a person must choose the type of bet that he is going to make. In free American roulette online, a participant can make an external and internal bet. The most amount of money you can earn by betting on inside bets. These symbols are in the center of the game table. But the chances of success here are quite low: 35 to 1.

External bets, which are located around the inner field and include, for example, bets on even/odd and so on, have a better chance of winning, but the payouts here are much lower.

Rules of the game online

Before you start to play, decide whether you will try American roulette online real money or for free. If for money, then determine the amount of money that you run in the gameplay, and make the appropriate deposit to your personal account.

The next step is to choose the bet, the face value and the number of spins. Make the first bet based on your intuition or other preferences. Just have time to put on the number or sector of the playing field until the automatic start of the American roulette online casino game wheel works.

Start the wheel mechanism and wait for it to stop. By the way, in order to make a spin, you can simply click on the “Spin” button, which is in sight of the online screen. Or another option – an ordinary click on the roulette will also provoke its rotation. The auto start mode is triggered 30 seconds after the last spin.

As soon as the wheel stops moving and a winning number or combination appears on the field, it becomes clear which of you is the winner of this round – the casino or the player. If you win, everything you put on the number or the field will increase according to the nominal value and will be credited to your personal account. Accordingly, in case of loss, the amount equivalent to the amount of the cash bet will be written off from the account.

What should a player do to win

Free online American roulette for some casino beginners may seem quite monotonous. But this impression is very deceptive. In fact, in this competition there are a huge number of hidden features and combinations, the knowledge of which will come to the player only with experience. A large number of various combinations make this game very intriguing and difficult to predict.

But always and everywhere you can identify certain patterns and trends. American roulette online is quite difficult to predict, here basically it all depends on the luck of the gamer. But still, professional roulette players find ways to get more winning combinations, making their individual game strategy. As a result, winning at American roulette becomes more likely.

Features of the game in the American version of roulette

Today on the Internet you can find many different strategies for a profitable game of roulette in American. One of the most popular options is the method of bet selection.

It has long been known that the most profitable in terms of potential chances of winning are the so-called bets on equal chances – for example, a bet on red/black, even/odd. The player wins on these bets with a probability of 50/50.

That is, if in the first round the bet on the red field is lost, the player in the next spin puts on the red field again, but double bet. The probability that this time will fall “red” is high enough (the real statistics of online casinos). If not, and again on the reel “black”, then the user puts a third bet, which is already increased three times. This bet goes back to “red”. In the final version, the player will certainly win, and the fact that each next bet was higher than the previous one will allow the gamer to return the lost money.

Such bets are still more profitable than any other – for comparison, the probability of winning by placing a bet on one number is slightly more than 1%.

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